Volando bajo

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This movie tells the story of Chuyin Venegas and Cornelio Barraza, formerly members of the band "Los Jilgueros de Rosarito", and the most famous music and popular cinema stars of the eighties. Now a successful international singer, Chuyin finds out Cornelio's dead so he decides to come back to Mexico, where he will have to face the ghosts of his past and the solitude of his present.

Beto Gómez

Born in Culiacan, Sinaloa, he has a particular filmography where comedy and drama blend and coexist, with independent films like El agujero and El sueño del Caimán and other intimate portraits from the borderline like Puños rosas, or the blockbuster Salvando al soldado Pérez. Regarding the documentary field, he has worked with singers as famous as Chavela Vargas and Lila Downs in Hasta el último trago… corazón! He produced the short Floppy, and directed the short El último chichiluco, part of the collective film Sucedió en un dia. His most recent work as director is the comedy Volando bajo. Among his developing projects, the TV series El Señorón and the comedy film Road to Chimichanga.



Volando bajo

  • México
  • 2013
  • Spanish
  • 90'
  • color

World Premiere

Beto Gómez
Production Company
Krafty Films
Carlos Valle Novelo, Walter Von Borstel
Beto Gómez, Francisco Payó González
Daniel Jacobs
Viviana García-Besné
Daniel Gutiérrez, Herminio Gutiérrez, Pascual Reyes, Fernando Rivera Calderón
Gerardo Taracena, Rodrigo Oviedo, Ludwika Paleta