Baja International Film Festival, Los Cabos (BIFF 2013) that will take place from November 13-16, is pleased to announce the six projects selected for the first Work in Progress exclusively designed to support Mexican projects:

Asteroide by Marcelo Tobar, produced by Elsa Reyes
Production Company: Zensky Cine y Bolchevique

Edén by Elise Durant, produced by José Leandro Córdoba Lucas
Production Company: Alma Películas

El comienzo del tiempo by Bernardo Arellano, produced by April Shannon
Production Company: Agrupación Caramelo Cinematográfica
El regreso del muerto by Gustavo Gamou, produced by Alejandro Durán and Elisa Miller
Production Company: Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica
Los bañistas by Max Zunino, produced by Gloria Carrasco and Max Zunino
Production Company: Películas Avestruz
Mexicanos de Bronceby Julio Fernández Talamantes, produced by Geminiano Pineda and Julio Fernández Talamantes
Production Company: Cine Caníbal y Perro Rojo
A jury of prominent national and international film industry members such as Genna Terranova (Tribeca Film Festival Programming Director, USA), Nadia Dresti (Locarno Film Festival Artistic Direction Delegate and Head of Industry Office, Switzerland) and Mauricio Duran (Marketing and Distribution Vice President for Latin America, Universal Pictures International) will select a film that will benefit from a single cash prize of U.S. $10,000 (ten thousand American dollars) awarded by BIFF.

In turn, Moviecity will award one of the participating films an advanced purchase of broadcasting rights in Latin America and the Caribbean (excluding Brazil) to be aired in its channels. The award will be $30,000 USD (thirty thousand American dollars).

Splendor Omnia - Mantarraya will provide a prize equivalent to $25,000 USD (twenty five thousand American dollars) in color and audio correction services, as well as lodging in their studio’s hometown of Tepoztlan.

The festival will attract leading professionals in the international film industry such as producers, distributors, sales agents and festival representatives, who will present selected films seeking for promotion and distribution support in various platforms, both domestically and internationally.

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