Bring your camera, shoot some photos, film the Sea of Cortez, whose islands have been declared UNESCO World Heritage sites. For the patient types: go fishing and take a breather. Never done it before? Now is your chance!
Gastronomy: explore local flavors and pair them with wines from our neighbors of the Guadalupe Valley or the Santo Tomas Valley.
Go to a spa, treat yourself.

Keep the camera in your bag and bring out the adventurer within. Go to San Jose del Cabo Estuary, or to Cabo Pulmo to visit the coral reefs. Go to Frailes Beach, the Biosphere Reserve of Sierra de la Laguna and to the Miraflores towns.
Don't miss the San Francisco mountains a little further out, but definitely worth it. Visit the cave paintings made by early humans that populated the Americas. Stay until dusk, if you're lucky you'll spot some eagles flying in the sky. Continue on to the oasis of San Ignacio, a Jesuit settlement, and discover its colonial architecture.