There are places one cannot afford to miss, especially those that are featured in movies and that we believe are part of a different reality; a fantastic world only accessible through the movie screen. However, sometimes we are lucky and we discover that those places really exist and we can visit them. One of these such places is Baja California Sur. How can we forget the cave drawings of the beautiful San Francisco mountains that Carlos Bolado shot in his debut, film Under California: The Limit of Time?

At the Baja International Film Festival, Los Cabos besides promoting cinema, we want to share our natural state beauties, mainly in Los Cabos and its surroundings. Have you ever imagined listening to the song of a humpback while watching it? Diving in black coral reefs? And to end in style, dropping by our festival and enjoying a hand-picked film program. All of this is happening here in Los Cabos. You can't miss it!